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2014 Scholarship Recipients were:

World War II Illinois Descendants Scholarship
Justin Smith, Red Hill $1,000
Derrek Tiburzi, Gillespie $1,000

World War II Illinois Descendants Scholarship Program

In 2008 the WWII Illinois Veterans Memorial Board created the WWII Illinois Descendants Scholarship Fund. The veterans board worked almost two years to see the project come to fruition. “We finally have it in reality. I think it’s great,” stated Cecil Belton, WWII Veteran and  WWII Illinois Veterans Memorial Board Member.

The WWII Board felt these scholarships awarded annually would further ensure the work the WWII Illinois Veterans had started in 1999 to ensure their sacrifices made during WWII would be remembered and live on through generations.  Further these scholarships would honor the accomplishments of Illinois World War II veterans.

The WWII Illinois Descendants Scholarship Fund is managed by the Community Foundation for the Lincoln Land. “This particular scholarship program is integrated into the community.  Students applying for these scholarship will have something to remind them of World War II–a simple reminder of the atrocities that can occur,” said John Carrigan, President of the World War II Illinois.

Past WWII Veterans Committee felt,  “Students won’t have to drive by the WWII memorial.” (to be reminded of the sacrifice the WWII Veterans made to secure their present freedom.)

The scholarshipsh as been funded with a portion of the remaining monies collected across the state to build the World War II Memorial at Oak Ridge Cemetery in 2004. The scholarship fund is meant to help remind the students and communities about the impact World War II has had on our culture.  “When I go out and speak at the schools and to the students, they don’t concentrate too much on that part of U.S. history,” Belton said. “This would be a great way to keep those memories about World War II.” Belton was among several local World War II veterans that used to visit area schools to speak about the war.  It was important to those WWII veterans to establish the Fund during a time when they were to able to participate and establish this scholarship program. “We’re getting to the age where time is getting important,” Belton said. “I’m sure the scholarship program will pay off in the years to come.” The Board’s  hope was that the WWII Memorial, the Illinois Classroom Project and the Scholarship Program will remind people about the sacrifices the individual soldiers made in World War II and always make in serving their country.

“These two simple words, ‘Thank you!’ are always on the venue of conversation with any soldier,” said Carrigan, whose father Maurice served in World War II and whose mother Therese was a French civilian prisoner of war during WWII..

Who Can Apply and How?

The scholarship is available for descendants of World War II veterans throughout the State of Illinois.

Annually, two $1000 scholarships will be offered and awarded to high school seniors statewide who are preparing to attend college.

Students must maintain a minimum 4.0 non-weighted grade point average.

The final step for apply students is to compose an essay.

Full details and deadlines to apply for these scholarships can be found at Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln • 217.789.4431 • .

Also, using this link, students can retrieve the application information any time after January 1.

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