How to Make A Donation to the WWII Illinois Veterans Memorial

Donations can be accomplished in two ways through the purchase of a commemorative brick honoring an Illinois WWII Veteran or through a monetary donation. Commemorative Bricks purchases start at $300 for an individual or with corporate bricks ranging in price from $500 to $2500. These bricks are then inlayed the Memorial Plaza and walkways along the granite walls. (Brick application can be obtained below)

The World War II Illinois Veterans Memorial Association was incorporated as a Not-For-Profit Corporation on Feb. 22, 2000, followed by registrations with the County Recorder of Deeds, Illinois Attorney General, IRS Employer ID number and the 501(C) (3) tax exemption. We have completed the necessary legal requirements to solicit and accept donations. An Illinois Not-for-Profit Corporation – Official Tax ID: 37-139624. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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The Memorial was constructed to honor the 987,000 men and women from the State of Illinois who served our country during World War II and the 22,000 Illinois veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom and liberty for humanity. The dream of the original committee was realized on December 4, 2004, by the dedication of a $1.5 million memorial.

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The granite and concrete structure designed by Isaksen-Glerum Architects of Urbana, Illinois has a 12 ft. white concrete centerpiece globe which signifies the global perspective of WWII. Sculpted by artist Dan Nardi from Normal, Illinois, the globe has buttons that signify various strategic and major battles of both the European and Pacific Theatres. The buttons have notations that refer visitors to descriptions of battles which are depicted on each of two granite walls. These two, 4 foot high by 24 foot long, granite walls extend west from either side of the globe. Within the engraved granite walls also are quotes from WWII renowned political and military figures. Within the central plaza of the memorial are places for 3700. 8” x 5” engraved granite bricks. Presently, the memorial has nearly 2400 commemorative bricks installed. Each brick is engraved with name, branch, rank, and service dates of an Illinois WWII Veteran. A pictorial history of the building of the memorial can be viewed here .

Artist rendering of the IL World War II Memorial.<br>
Brick Plaza is located in the center.
Artist rendering of the IL World War II Memorial.
Brick Plaza is located in the center.
Close up of the memorials plaza.
Close up of the memorials plaza.
Brick No. 1146<br>
M.J. "Bud" Carrigan<br>
Transport Co. U.S. Army<br>
Sept 1942 — Dec.1945
Brick No. 1146
M.J. "Bud" Carrigan
Transport Co. U.S. Army
Sept 1942 — Dec.1945
Brick No. 114<br>
Walter C. Harris<br>
90th Division, 359th Regiment<br>
July 1944 — June 1946
Brick No. 114
Walter C. Harris
90th Division, 359th Regiment
July 1944 — June 1946