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March 25, 2017 by admin

WWII Stories – How to Submit

This is a request to Illinois veterans of World War II to write about their wartime experiences and have them included on the WW II Illinois Veterans Memorial archives website. This record of your service will be saved for history. If you send your story, I will assume you are giving permission to place it on the memorial Web site. Please include the date and place you entered service and had basic training, your division, regiment, company, Air Force or Air Corps group, bomb group, ship’s name, etc. You may include your duty stations, tasks, events, dates, conditions or battles in your experiences. You may include any citations or medals you or your unit were awarded. Also, please add the date and place of your discharge and any other relevant information you care to add. You may want to visit the Web site and read some of the stories already online.

I also would like to request a photo of yourself, preferably in uniform, that was taken during World War II. Any size is acceptable. Most photo or drug stores will make a copy for a small fee. Photos cannot be returned, but will be saved with your story in the memorial archives.

Please include your full name, address and a phone number with your story and photo and send to:

Anne Powers

c/o WWII Illinois Veterans Memorial
P.O. Box 5652
Springfield, IL


Or, email your story and photo to: or

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