Obos, Walter A. – Hospital Apprentice U.S. Navy

Walter Obos was born in Chicago, IL on 28 April 1926 to Joseph and Genevieve Obos who came to America from Poland. He enlisted as an Apprentice Seaman (AS) for two years at age 17 (parent’s permission) on 24 Aug 1943 and was sent to the US Naval Training School (NTS) in Farragut, Idaho. He received basic military naval training to become a Hospital Apprentice and a Pharmacist‘s Mate.

On 03 Mar 1944, Walter transferred to the USS LST 512 (Burnett County), a tank landing assault ship, designed to serve as an interim hospital. He was in the American Theater of Operations until 15 Apr 1944. Walter then served on this same vessel in the European Theater of Operations to 15 Oct 1944. Walter was a participant in the invasion of Normandy, France on 06 June D Day, and continued in follow up shuttle service for injured soldiers. The USS 512 landed at the Easy Red Sector of Omaha Beach at Normandy, France.


In July, Wally received advanced medical training and continued in the shuttle service. He was transferred after the ship LST 512 was damaged and most of her crew was moved out. By November he was in Boston, received a 23 day home leave before reporting to California in December. He was destined for additional service in the Philippines and was there by March 1945. Walter remained in the Pacific for almost one year. Then February 1946 he was awarded several medals before being transferred back to California.

On 09 Apr 1946 he was transferred to Great Lakes, Illinois USNTC for discharge. He was recommended for re-enlistment, but declined. He was a Hospital Apprentice First Class (HA 1c) and received an honorable discharge. Walter received the following awards:

  • Philippines Liberation Ribbon with one Star
  • European, African, Middle East Campaign Medal
  • Asiatic, Pacific Area Campaign Medal
  • American Area Campaign Medal
  • WW II Victory Medal

Through the years Walter never spoke of his military service. He was an active member of the Veteran’s of Foreign Wars. He reported for higher duty on January 1978 and now rests at St. Adalbert’s in Chicago. This information was gathered from his Navy records.

Penny Jasper, daughter

4 Comments to “Obos, Walter A. – Hospital Apprentice U.S. Navy”

  1. Candace Maxwell Says:

    Sis, you did a great job writing up Dad’s military history. I’m impressed with all the information that you gathered, especially since he would never talk about the war. It’s a great tribute to a wonderful and loved man.

  2. catherine smith Says:

    That was a great story, also. I did not know, that Wally had been in the Navy.How did you get all the info., on him?

  3. Jack King jr. Says:

    I was wondering if Mr. Obos may have known my father. He was the radio man when the ship got damaged. His name was John R. King. Unfortunately, he died in 1961 from a car accident and we never had time to talk. Thanks for your time and service.
    Jack King jr.

  4. Victoria Dzierzbicki Says:

    I know how proud you must be of your father, My father was in the Korean War, stationed at Fort Sheradan till he was sent over seas. I can only say that it is special men and woman like your dad that have made it possible for me and you to sit here with out fear. My blessings and prayers to all the miliatary men and woman then and now. We can only say Thank you, thank you, thank you.